The Chicago condo market which has been been lagging behind the Chicago single family home market and the condo markets in almost every other major U.S. city is finally starting to show some life.Year over year the average price was up an impressive 9.5% and market time dropped almost 5%.

The single family home market seems to be slowing slightly. While prices were up 3.5%, the market time was up and closed sales dropped over 10%. 
An improving job market and economy has pushed mortgage rates up some. Rates seem to have settled in higher than they were a few months ago but historically they are still low. 


08/04/2017 1:05am

Thank you for providing us this timely timetable of the current house numbers in Chicago. This can serve as a good instrument for local research and surveys. I've been conducting a housing research in Chicago. I will be surely using this facts of yours. I will then credit you for providing this information.

08/05/2017 4:50am

What are prices now? Have they rised? Or they are quite stable now?


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