Online reviews are everywhere. Social media sites like Facebook allow reviews, Yelp has built an online empire based mostly on customer reviews, and products on Amazon can have hundreds of reviews, some of which read more like a short story than a simple product review.

Reviews are very important for consumer goods and restaurants. A lot of people, especially Millennials, will look at online reviews before buying something or visiting a restaurant. Service providers however lag far behind when it comes to the number of reviews. You can find a few reviews about plumbers or auto mechanics but they are few and far between.

Realtors however are the exception. Look up a real estate broker on Zillow and you will find agents with 10, 20 or even 50 reviews. How is it that Realtors have so many reviews when other service providers like doctors have almost none? The simple answer is they ask for them. Zillow has even automated the process. All the agents have to do is type the client’s email into a form and it sends a request to the client to fill out a review. So the agent is selecting who reviews them. Yes any client can go to their Zillow page and give a review, even a bad one if they want, but once again people do not think of reviewing service providers. Obviously an agent is not going to send a review request to a client who they did a lousy job for. Every agent, even great ones have a client who is not thrilled with them.

Real estate agent reviews are not worthless however. Most of the reviews are honest and by actual clients. If someone has 30 reviews and they are all 5 stars it does not mean that they are perfect but it does mean that they have worked with at least 30 people and that 30 people think they did a great job. It is counterintuitive but the reviews for an agent with a less than 5 star average is a better sign than one with nothing but glowing reviews. A few 4 or 3 star reviews shows that the agent is not only asking for reviews from their favorite clients but they are asking for them from most of the clients.  



01/09/2017 8:34am

yeah agree with your point because real estate broker are on the top now because of the public demand and people need best property to establish their living style.

01/09/2017 8:42am

Very true posts about the real estate brokers and yes they are doing very good job because of the high competition in this field.

02/12/2017 8:00am

Of course they are. Such reviews might be very important. It's my opinion

02/23/2017 2:33am

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06/14/2017 11:57pm

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