The 680 N Lake Shore Drive building has seen an uptick in sales in 2016. There have been 16 units sold or pending so far this year while 15 places sold in all of 2015. The estimated average price per sq. ft. based on MLS numbers has gone from $233 per sq. ft. in 2015 to $266 in 2016.  The average asking price is currently an optimistic $315.

The near north side, unfortunately they lump the Gold Coast, Streeterville and River North all into one neighborhood, has seen the median sale price of condos go up 4.1% year to date. While sales have declined .4% and market time has gone up from 85 days to 91. The inventory of homes for sale has dropped 13.6% If mortgage rates remain this low and the economy does not stall we should see some upward pressure on prices.

Available Units

Sold Units in 2016

These number are based on the data available on the MLS system. Some foreclosures and other sales may not be represented. 
Please feel free to contact us if you would like a free price evaluation for your home, would like a price analysis for your building or if you just have a real estate question.  

Douglas Boehm
Real Estate Broker
City Point Realty
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bill f
09/10/2016 11:55am

Thanks for the update.

03/29/2017 2:23am

Wow, this is just in time. I was looking for a list of unit where I can check on. Good thing that you’ve also shared the price of each unit. I’ve got a question about these units. Is it fully furnished or completely bare? Can you post more information about these units? It would be nice if you can add photos of each unit for more details.

07/02/2017 3:14am

I think the reason why you have sold a lot of units in one year is because your prices are very competitive. You have priced your condo units way lower than your competitors which aided you to become the first choice of people who are looking for condos. I believe that it is a strategic way of reaching and penetrating a large market share. What also helped your success in selling condo units is the furniture that you have included which is a big relief for people who don’t have extra money to instantly buy furniture. I suggest you keep your rates the way they are and if possible, lower them more during promo season.

Yeah, I need a price analysis. I will contact you later.

12/22/2016 2:27am

I'd like there for my home! How can I contact you? Is it better to call oor send you a mail?

05/12/2017 2:38am

Yes, that is truly optimistic. Hope it will go that way or better one!

05/18/2017 6:54am

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