The June 2016 Chicago housing numbers are out and there are a few surprises. The year over year number of attached homes for sale has dropped 18.4%. Interest rates also continue to be very low. The lack of supply and low interest rates have not translated into higher prices. The number of homes sold increased a bit over last year but there has been a slow down from the busy market of earlier this year. 

Detached single family homes however have seen a nice price increase of around 10%. Market time has also dropped 8 days. Demand for single family homes seems to be picking up.


The rates of these places are obviously going to rise because many people are coming to these sites. They have been very good place for a peaceful atmosphere and I also use to live here.


It was nice to know about the market numbers of this housing project. Thank you for sustaining us with this information. Having this kind of information will give people an advantage, especially when they are in looking for some houses. Well, I am lucky to find your site. Please update us with some other relevant information. Thank you.

04/01/2017 1:17am

What about housing market now? had the situation changed?

07/06/2017 11:46pm

How does the situation with this looks now? I think it changed a lot this year.


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